FIBER Festival presents Art & Music program

21 March — The fourth edition of FIBER Festival takes place from 11 to 14 May in Amsterdam and remains THE international hub for lovers and makers of innovative digital culture, audiovisual art and electronic music. FIBER Festival attracts over 50 participating speakers and artists, 2500 visitors and a wide selection of local businesses and organizations, who will gather in the city of Amsterdam. FIBER connects with both a local and international audience of young, professional creators and enthusiasts ...

March 2017

  1. Mar 17

    FIBER Festival and Club Shelter organize an innovative multisensory concert and club night

    FIBER Festival and Club Shelter join forces and organize a full concert and club night collaboration on Saturday May 13th. During this FIBER Festival night the visitor will be submerged in an experimental sonic experience in which all senses will be fascinated. The Amsterdam based FIBER organization has confirmed the popular Club Shelter as their third location for the next FIBER Festival 2017. The fourth festival edition takes places from 11th to May 14th in Amsterdam and presents new voices...

December 2016

  1. Dec 28

    FIBER & The Rest is Noise presents: ‘Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri en Scott Monteith & Rainer Kohlberger’ (06/01/2017)

    FIBER x The Rest is Noise is a multi sensory concert night where sound and image converge to an intense overall experience. Two acclaimed audiovisual duo’s - one composer / musician and a visual artist - take the audience on a journey along hypnotic landscapes, massive electronic sounds and mesmerizing voices. FIBER x TRIN is a transcendental experience offering a window to unknown worlds.

March 2016

  1. Mar 16

    FIBER & De Brakke Grond present: ‘Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes’ (24/03/2016)

    On Thursday March 24, 2016, FIBER & De Brakke Grond present ‘Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes’. In the final Coded Matter(s) edition before summer we go in search of the sublime and hidden transformations of 21st century landscapes. An evening with extraordinary presentations interspersed with short films by artists, scientists, and designers. Through new ways of storytelling - using innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality, LIDAR scanning and experimental data visualizations -...

February 2016

  1. Feb 15

    FIBER & De Brakke Grond present: Michel Bauwens & The Promise of the Blockchain – 25/02

    The rise of the infamous cryptocurrency Bitcoin has sparked interest in another revolutionary technology: the blockchain. On Thursday the 25th of February Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond & FIBER present a debate programme about the decentralised database technology, that has been predicted to greatly alter the world we live in. Michel Bauwens talks with leading artist, designers, and thinkers on the applications and implications of the blockchain.

December 2015

  1. Dec 17

    FIBER presents audiovisual art at SPEKTRUM (Berlin) on January 23 & 24, 2016

    As part of CTM/Transmediale Vorspiel 2016, Amsterdam based FIBER presents a collaborative two day programme at SPEKTRUM with audiovisual performances, an artistic meetup and a screening programme. The event is co-created with LIMA, Berlin based Retune and SPEKTRUM’s local communities. This cultural exchange is part of an ongoing research trajectory to setup an artistic production network for emerging artists between European festivals.
  2. Dec 15

    FIBER & de Brakke Grond present: ‘Coded Matter(s) #11: Cinematic Specimens’ (10/01/2016)

    On January 10, 2016, FIBER & De Brakke Grond present ‘Coded Matter(s) #11: Cinematic Specimens’; a Sunday matinee full of exciting multi-sensory audiovisual performances. In the first Coded Matter(s) edition of the new year we will explore how artists and musicians use self-built systems and generative processes to produce sound and visuals.

July 2015

  1. Jul 15

    FIBER & de Brakke Grond present Coded Matter(s) #10: Algorithmic Wildlife (10/09/2015)

    On September 10, FIBER & De Brakke Grond present Coded Matter(s): Algorithmic Wildlife. For this jubilee edition, Coded Matter(s) invites artists and researchers to explore and reflect on algorithms, their nature, morals and ethics, and our relation to them.

June 2015

  1. Jun 10

    FIBER & De Brakke Grond present Coded Matter(s) #9: High Fidelity full programme

    On 18 June FIBER will present its next event at De Brakke Grond: Coded Matter(s) #9: High Fidelity. This edition of the popular event series will feature an immersive evening of presentations and discussions, alongside an advanced two-day workshop. The theme ‘High Fidelity’ will focus on the powerfully interconnected relationship between light, code, calibration and resolution. FIBER now presents the full programme line up, including details on the speakers, workshop, and ticketing.
  2. Jun 03

    FIBER & de Brakke Grond present: Coded Matter(s) #9: High Fidelity (18/06/2015)

    FIBER has announced its next event in collaboration with De Brakke Grond. The highly anticipated Coded Matter(s) #9: High Fidelity will take place on 18 June at the exquisite Brakke Grond cultural centre. This specially curated programme consists of an intensive evening of presentations and discussions as well as a two-day workshop, all led by forerunners in the fields of art and advanced computer vision research. More info

May 2015

  1. May 06

    Volkshotel Confirmed as Symposium Location For FIBER Festival (NL/ENG)

    Amsterdam-based organization FIBER has confirmed Volkshotel as its last location for the upcoming FIBER Festival 2015. The festival takes place 15 & 16 May, and focuses on audiovisual art, digital culture and electronic music. One of the more prominent festival components is the symposium titled 'Exploring the Subterranean', which will be hosted by the popular Volkshotel. This symposium presents a full day of talks and discussions focusing on the influence of digital technologies on contempor...

March 2015

  1. Mar 23

    Press release: FIBER Festival 2015 presents full line-up

    On May 15 and 16 FIBER returns with the third edition of FIBER Festival, which will take place at A Lab and Radion (Amsterdam). After three years of organising smaller events, such as Coded Matter(s) and Bring Your Own Beamer, the Amsterdam based organisation will present a new edition of its festival as a meeting point for admirers and makers of audiovisual art, digital design and electronic music. The programme is complete and filled with an excellent selection of critical ánd inspiring art...

February 2015

  1. Feb 16

    Press Release: FIBER Festival 15 & 16 May 2015, Amsterdam

    After a break of almost three years the Amsterdam based FIBER festival returns on May 15 & 16 with a packed programme of audiovisual art, immersive performances, electronic music, workshops and a symposium. This edition is focused on the theme 'The Subterranean: Exploring Networked Tools and Matter' and questions the often invisible influence of digital technology on our daily lives. FIBER festival takes place at two cultural hotspots A Lab (symposium, meetup, exhibition) and club Radion (per...

May 2014

  1. May 08

    FIBER & de Brakke Grond present: Coded Matter(s) #7: Extended Senses (01/06/2014)

    On Sunday 1 June, FIBER and Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond present Coded Matter(s) #7: Extended Senses; a day and evening of discovering and exploring how technology enables new sensory experiences of nature and networks.

March 2014

  1. Mar 11

    FIBER & STEIM present: Algorave (21-23/03/2014)

    On Saturday 22 March, FIBER and STEIM join forces to present the Netherlands’ very first Algorave (Algorithmic Rave). The Algorave brings the cerebral world of live coding and the dirty dancing of raves together to form a new wave in club culture in which performers improvise their music live on stage by writing and re-writing code. If you're looking for a new kind of raw, unpredictable night of dirty industrial techno sounds and truly live electronic music: this is it.

January 2014

  1. Jan 23

    FIBER & 5 Days Off present: Coding the Club (06/03/2014)

    On Thursday, March 6th FIBER and music festival 5 Days Off present 'Coded Matter(s) #5: Coding The Club'; an evening about new developments in the production of dance floor environments, groundbreaking audiovisual live shows and electronic music. During Coding the Club you’ll explore the cutting edge of the club: from self-built controllers for music and DJing to the enormous light shows and engaging club experiences. Made by collaborations between DJs, producers, artists and coders. With per...

December 2013

  1. Dec 02

    FIBER & MU present Coded Matter(s) #3: Transmaterials – 10/1/14

    On Friday 10 January 2014 FIBER and MU present Coded Matter(s) #3: Transmaterials. During this evening programme artists, designers and theorists explore how digital fabrication technologies, such as laser cutting and 3D printers, provide unprecedented possibilities to translate coded virtual forms and digital processes into physical materials. MU’s current exhibition The Sculpture Factory by the London-based artist Quayola exemplifies how merging computational aesthetics with physical matte...

September 2013

  1. Sep 30

    FIBER presents Coded Matter(s) #2: Sound Hackers – 10/11/13

    FIBER and Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond present the second edition of Coded Matter(s), titled ‘Sound Hackers’ 10/11. During this Sunday afternoon matinee you’ll experience the rising possibilities and new expressions in sound and music due to emerging technologies and code. The afternoon will be filled with a talk and various performances by artists like audiovisual performer Paul Prudence, Soundlings and Pieter Jan Pieters (OWOW). Everyone with an interested in sound & music is invited

July 2013

  1. Jul 23

    FIBER presents: Coded Matter(s) – 10/09, De Brakke Grond

    On Tuesday September 10, FIBER presents the first edition of “Coded Matter(s)”, together with Flemish Art Centre De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam). Coded Matter(s) is a new series of events exploring the explosion of digital processes taking place in hybrid art, design and music and the ripples this causes. During these events artists, designers, musicians and other creatives will demonstrate the limitless possibilities offered by digital systems and creative coding platforms.

November 2012

  1. Nov 06

    BRING YOUR OWN BEAMER – 14/12, NUtrecht

    One night and one space to use all the beamers you can get your hands on in order to transform an empty space into an exhibition like you've never experienced before. Friday December 14th, SETUP, Liefhebber and FIBER will join forces to organise an extra large edition of ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’. Everyone is invited to put any kind of video work up for display in this new context and scenery. This collaboration will take place in the old and beautiful industrial hangar ‘NUtrecht’.

August 2012

  1. Aug 03

    (Im)possible Worlds, exhibition, 23/08 – 28/09

    FIBER, Amsterdam based audiovisual network festival, has been invited by the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) to curate an exhibition that reflects artistic developments within their network of up-and-coming audiovisual artists and designers. The exhibition ‘(Im)possible Worlds’ will run from August 23rd until September 28th. On Thursday evening, August 23rd. ‘(Im)possible Worlds’ will open with a full audiovisual programme.

June 2012

  1. Jun 26

    FIBER at One Of These Days festival, December 8th & 9th 2012

    Audiovisual network festival FIBER will participate in “One Of These Days”; a brand new ‘festival of festivals’, which will take place in Blackpool on 8 & 9 December 2012. A total of 16 European festivals will present a specialised programme on various stages over a period of two days and nights. FIBER will be presenting a selection of Dutch upcoming talents in digital arts, right beside renowned international artists. FIBER’s share of the festivities will take place on Sunday, December 9th.

March 2012

  1. Mar 01

    FIBER festival, Saturday March 24, 2012 – Sharing Signals

    Audiovisual network festival FIBER is preparing to once again merge different worlds into one unified interdisciplinary experience of (visual) art and music on March 24th 2012 at ‘De Verdieping’, TrouwAmsterdam. Confirmed artists include: Morphosis, Klen, ESHU, Dubberdink, Mattikk, Konstruktive, Nota Bene and Urkelle. For tickets and more information on the EXPO, DAY and NIGHT programmes please visit