FIBER & De Brakke Grond present: ‘Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes’ (24/03/2016)

On art and technology in relation to 21st century landscapes

On Thursday March 24, 2016, FIBER & De Brakke Grond present ‘Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes’. In the final Coded Matter(s) edition before summer we go in search of the sublime and hidden transformations of 21st century landscapes. An evening with extraordinary presentations interspersed with short films by artists, scientists, and designers. Through new ways of storytelling - using innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality, LIDAR scanning and experimental data visualizations - they present us our transforming relation to imaginable and physical landscapes.

New visions emerge where humans, nature and technology meet. Following the tradition of 19th century romanticism and landscape painting, we go in search of the sublime and hidden transformations of 21st century landscapes. Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes presents extraordinary presentations interspersed with short films by artists, scientists, and designers. Using innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality, LIDAR scanning and experimental data visualisations, these visions show us new ways of how we can experience our environment.

Compiled Landscapes
deals with the interaction between landscape and technology, and how this leads to new forms of experience and knowledge about our surroundings. The datafication of everything results in innovative ways to analyse and understand the world around us. Visualisation, sonification, and 3D engines enable us to track and comprehend invisible communication networks and operating systems. Scanning techniques make the invisible visible.

At the same time, these technologies also influence how our landscape is shaped. Technological development leaves a footprint on our earth - think of how mining for metals and toxic waste dumping in third world countries poisons the soil and the bodies of laborers. Together all these elements form important starting points for artists and designers to create stories. By making sublime elements experiential, they show how physical and invisible forces shape our landscapes.

Coded Matter(s) is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund NL.

Full Programme

Marshmallow Laser Feast (UK) - Presentation
Robin McNicholas is part of Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), a London-based design studio always looking to create ground-breaking experiences that immerse and amaze in completely unexpected ways. MLF is known for their spectacular projects such as Meet Your Creator and Forest. Recently they've turned towards using VR which resulted in a range of projects of which Robin will present three during the event; Lithium, In the Eyes of the Animals and Gravitational Waves & Exoplanets. All these projects explore the notion of the landscape from the ground till beyond.

LOLA Landscape Architects
(NL) - Presentation
LOLA (LOst LAndscapes) Landscape Architects is an office for progressive landscape architecture. LOLA (LOst LAndscapes) designs and studies landscapes that are forgotten, derelict or on the verge of change. At Coded Matter(s) one of LOLA’s founders, Eric-Jan Pleijster, will explain how they develop sublime landscapes, the challenge of creating innovative shapes and why landscapes are a slow medium.

Catalogtree (NL) - Presentation
We often cannot see the layers of infrastructures – like energy, transportation or data networks – that have direct impact on the form and future of natural landscapes. During the event Arnhem based multidisciplinary design studio Catalogtree will present their work that visualises and maps these landscape transformations through data-visualisation and advanced cartography.

Julius Horsthuis (NL) - Screening
Julius Horsthuis is a visual effects (VFX) designer and fractal artist. After developing an interest in computer graphics he worked intensively on the VFX of many big Dutch films. The last few years Julius started experimenting with fractal environments created many short films, and immersive (VR) experiences, which have been exhibited in galleries and film festivals around the world. During Compiled Landscapes you can experience a special selection of Julius’ VR landscapes in the entrance hall of de Brakke Grond. Next to this we will show one of his short fractal films.

Theo Tagholm
(UK) - Screening
Theo Tagholm is a motion graphics designer and art director based in London. His background in fine arts underpins his creative work and maintains a creative space for innovation. His film Plain Sight has been picked by the Vimeo staff and lead to Simulacra which will be shown at Compiled Landscapes.

Michelle Kasprzak
(CA / NL) - Moderator
Our moderator Michelle Kasprzak has the talent to unravel complex issues and make them accessible for a broad audience.


Expert Meeting
Prior to the evening programme there will be an expert meeting about Virtual Reality and the use of scanning technologies, such as LIDAR scanners and Kinects. Artists and designers use these tools in order to create hybrid VR experiences where 3D worlds are mingled with scanning data. We are especially interested how these tools have the potential to create new landscapes. We invite artists, designers, scientists, architects, 3D experts and developers to apply and share their experience and vision on VR as well as 3D scanning technologies and datasets. More info here.


Date: Thursday March 24, 2016
Time: 20:00 - 23:00 | Doors: 19:30
Location: De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam

Door: €16 / Presale: €14 / CJP & Students: €12
Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes tickets

Tickets are sold through the website of De Brakke Grond or at the door on the day of the event. CJP or student cards will be checked at the entrance.

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