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Choreographic Coding Lab Amsterdam 2019 | 26 – 30 May

Bringing the world of dance and code together

What interesting new experiences can be brought to life when the worlds of dance and creative coding meet? How can dance data be used as a starting point for the creation of new performances and even installation art or music? What can the world of dance learn from current developments in machine learning and vice versa? These questions are only a few of the many topics to be explored in the coming Choreographic Coding Lab Amsterdam 2019; the nomadic and experimental laboratory for dance and coding happening in Amsterdam from 26 to 30 May at Dansmakers Amsterdam.

Organized by FIBER, Motion Bank, and ICK Amsterdam, with the support of Dansmakers Amsterdam, the Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) will provide a research environment at the intersection of dance, choreography, digital tools, data and code. It brings together an international group of code-savvy artists, digital scenographers, code-minded musicians, interaction designers and the world of dance and choreography. A selected group of creatives will be working on projects and ideas relating to technology and the moving body.

Taking place at Dansmakers Amsterdam in a four-day interdisciplinary peer-to-peer setting, the participants will work on experiments and prototypes, participate in masterclasses, share knowledge, find new collaboration partners, and discuss ideas and challenges. The CCL is offering arts professionals the opportunity to translate aspects of choreography and dance into digital form and apply choreographic thinking to their own practice.

Talks & Open Lab Session

Accompanying the lab, there will be two evening programmes at Dansmakers open to the public; a talks meetup about technology and movement on Tuesday, May 26 and a closing-evening with CCL presentations and a keynote by Dr. Laura Karreman, Lecturer in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University, on Thursday May 30.

Guests & Mentors

Guest artists and mentors guiding the lab are: Mária Júdová, an independent artist whose work combines the exploration of technologically informed dance practices, body movement, time and space. Her work has been presented at LABoral, Berlin Atonal, Cinedans and many more festivals. Danae Kleida is a researcher at FIBER and Motion Bank, CCL facilitator, and media scholar who is active in the field of dance, choreography and annotation practices. She recently published her thesis on dance notation systems and annotation practices as gestures. Anton Koch is the lead developer of Motion Bank and an expert in working with dance data. Suzan Tunca is responsible for the dance research activities at ICK Amsterdam, with extensive experience while working as dance researcher and performing artist. Jarl Schulp is the CCL Amsterdam co-curator, designer and the artistic director of FIBER. Joana Chicau is a graphic designer, coder, researcher — with a background in dance. Her trans-disciplinary project interweaves web programming and environments with performance/choreographic practices. (More guests will be announced)

ICK invites two choreographers to introduce their ways of thinking and doing choreography and dance: Matej Kejžar (ICK Amsterdam) is a Slovenian dancer and choreographer who will address the general dance discourse in order to re-evaluate dance terminology and language. Amos Ben-Tal (OFFprojects and ICK Amsterdam) will share his research on the perception and valuation of time in relation to movement and the body.

International Open Call

Artistic professionals working with movement and code will be able to apply for the CCL until Sunday, 14 April. From these entries 25 - 30 participants will be chosen. Apply here:

Public Programme

FIBER x CCL Meetup | Tuesday May 28 | 20:00 - 23:00

Join us for an evening of short presentations from the FIBER community related to technology, code, movement and dance. Speakers TBA | Entry: € 5

Keynotes & Open Lab Sessions | Thu May 30 | 19:00 - 23:00

  • Introduction: Danae Kleida (FIBER/Motion Bank) on Notation or Annotation?
  • Keynote Lecture: Dr. Laura Karreman
  • Moderation: Jarl Schulp
  • Open Lab Session: To conclude the CCL, all participants will reflect on their process and will share possible work in progress to the public. Attending this open session, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the artistic experiments that evolved between the artists and coders, and pose your own questions to the makers.


The CCL AMS 2019 is organized by FIBER, ICK Amsterdam and Motion Bank, with the support of Dansmakers. It is supported by the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts and the Performing Arts Fund NL

Dutch Press Release can be found here:



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