FIBER Festival presents the exhibition Fragments at newly opened art-warehouse Door Open Space

Nine international artists attune to a fragmented world

May 11 - 14, Door Open Space (Amsterdam, NDSM)

Opening: Wednesday 10 May, 5 PM - 12 AM

Curator: Jarl Schulp

Part of: 8th edition of FIBER Festival

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Participating artists

Christine Hvidt (DK/NL) | Erik Peters (NL) | Félix Luque Sanchez (BE) | Jan Christian Schulz (DE/NL) | Josèfa Ntjam (FR) | Myles Merckel (UK/NL) | Ralf Baecker (DE) | Sébastien Robert (FR/NL) | Tianzhuo Chen (CN).

Artworks on display

Biological_data_transmission (2022), Myles Merckel | Dislocation (2022), Josèfa Ntjam | Edaphon (2023), Christine Hvidt | Perpétuité I (2021) Félix Luque Sanchez | Prosthetic Sensorium (2022), Jan Christian Schulz | The Dust (2021), Tianzhuo Chen | The Lights Which Can Be Heard (2022), Sébastien Robert | Xenofossils (2022-2023), Erik Peters (NL) | Floating Codes (2022), Ralf Baecker (DE)

As part of the international FIBER Festival 2023, the Amsterdam based art, performance and electronic music festival proudly presents the exhibition Fragments at the brand new cultural hub Door Open Space. The unique 3000 m2 warehouse recently opened to the public and provides a space for experimentation for interdisciplinary art in the quickly gentrifying NDSM area. Spread out over three spaces visitors can explore the works of nine artists, including four works that will be presented in The Netherlands for the first time. The exhibition Fragments is on show from May 11 to 14 and the opening is free to attend for the general public on Wednesday 10 May, at 5 PM.

Exhibition theme: Fragments

At the dawn of the 21st century, Western civilization is being forced to accept the reality that we will never have a complete understanding of the world in which we live. The more we attempt to measure, calculate, and control using binary reasoning, the more this mode of existence disintegrates within unbounded earthly realities. As the Cartesian way of categorising the world around us continues to fall short, what are the fragmented realities we can move towards? What can we (re)learn if we perceive with different ears and instruments? 

The exhibition Fragments invites you to navigate between nine works by artists who challenge our perspective on our surroundings, identities, beliefs, and interactions with non-human actors. The works carry a duality between something falling apart while simultaneously offering a chance to rearrange and explore new compositions. The artists use a wide variety of artistic instruments, sonic storytelling, and mystical world-building as inspiring and critical media, inviting us to discover our environments in new ways. Throughout all the works, the function of an instrument, tool, or object is explored, and the realities that can be manifested through their designs are examined. From the sonification of millions of invisible living particles travelling with the earth’s winds, to an encounter with the symbiotic voice(s) of

coral that questions dualisms of artificial and natural, and to opaque artificial intelligence systems that, presented within a spatial instrument, now come to life with an organic-like behaviour.

About the works

One of the works out of the exhibition is Floating Codes (2022) by Ralf Baecker (DE). Floating Codes (2022) is a site-specific light and sound installation, exploring the inner structure and hidden aesthetics of artificial neural networks; the way computer systems learn, recognise patterns and reproduce them. Within the installation, visitors explore the centre of an artificial neural network’s computational dialog. Once the system is activated, the exhibition space becomes immersed in constantly shifting visual and audible pulses. 

Opening hours

- Wed 10/5 Exhibition Opening - 17:00—00:00 (Free entry)

Opening talk & artist interview: 18:00

- Thu 11/5 13:00—22:00

- Fri 12/5 10:00—22:30

- Sat 13/5 10:00—22:30

- Sun 14/5 10.00—17:00

Location: Door Open Space, Tt. Vasumweg 31, Amsterdam

More about FIBER Festival

From 11 to 14 May 2023, the Amsterdam based FIBER Festival returns with a four-day multi-sensory festival programme spread over unique indoor locations in Amsterdam – the majestic Concertgebouw, the vibrant Oedipus Brewing, music & audiovisual performances at the new industrial venue Noordwaards and a club night at Garage Noord. The festival exhibition will ground itself in the industrial sheds of Door Open Space and the two-day festival symposium takes place at De Brakke Grond.

Artists festival programme

ABADIR (Live) / Aimée-Thierot Ramos (Live) / Aleksandra Słyż, Judith Hamann & Gerard Lebik (Live) / Alliyah Enyo (Live) / Assyouti (DJ) / Happy New Tears (DJ) / Hüma Utku presents The Psychologist (Live AV) / Katarina Gryvul & Alex Guevara (Live AV) / Know V.A. (DJ) / LCY (DJ) / Mbodj (DJ) / Monster (DJ) / Perila (Live) / Puce Mary (Live) / Shoal & Orah present Terugblik (Live AV) / Signal Transmutations (Spekki Webu & Matti Vilho) (Live AV) / Teqmun (DJ)  / Vox supreme (DJ)

Symposium & Education 

Besides a Music, Performances & Club programme and exhibition, FIBER Festival offers unique learning opportunities for both students and professionals, or anyone interested in the making processes behind audiovisual art. Join us at the De Brakke Grond for our two-day symposium exploring the groundbreaking work and visions of artists and researchers who shift our understanding of reality. Through engaging lectures, panel discussions, and listening sessions, FIBER delves into the urgent developments in art, technology, and ecology. Are you not able to attend in real life? Attending a live stream of the symposium is also possible. Online tickets are now on sale. 


Symposium: Aditi Srivastava (Lecture) / Aimée Theriot-Ramos (Lecture) / Alice Yuan Zhang (Lecture) / Helen V. Pritchard (Lecture) / Jordan Edge (Lecture) / Maria Muehombo - M I M I (Lecture) / Sean Cubitt (Lecture) / Studio Above&Below (Lecture) / Toby Kiers | SPUN (Lecture) 

Audiovisual Art Assembly: Andreas Tegnander (Talk) / Anticiplay | Joost Vervoort (Talk) / Mathilde Renault (Talk) / Pim Boreel (Talk) / Sophia Bulgakova & Leo Scarin (more TBA)

Get your tickets via FIBER offers both Passe-partouts as single event tickets. 

Venues & programme

- Het Concertgebouw | Opening Concert | Thursday 11 May | 8 - 11 PM

- Noordwaards | Music & Performance | Friday 12 May | 9 PM - 5 AM

- Garage Noord | Club Night | Saturday 13 May | 11 PM - 8 AM

- Oedipus Brewing | Audiovisual Art Assembly | Friday 12 May | 11 AM - 5 PM Public programme: 5 - 9 PM

- De Brakke Grond | Symposium | Saturday 13 May & Sunday 14 May | 12 - 6 PM

- Door Open Space | Exhibition | Thursday 11 May to Sunday 14 May.

Exhibition opening: Wednesday 10 May, 5 PM - 12 AM 

Event information

Tickets: now on sale 

Website: www.fiberfestival.nlFollow FIBER on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Telegram. Subscribe to their newsletter here.

Click here to see all images of the works within the exhibition.

Press release |FIBER Festival 2023 full programme .pdf
Press release |FIBER Festival 2023 full programme .pdf
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