The exhibition Outer/Body highlights the interconnectedness of bodies with ecological and technological systems.

From 30 May to 2 June, FIBER Festival presents seven multidisciplinary artworks at Door Open Space – a 3000 m2 artspace in Amsterdam-Noord.

Thursday 30 May to Sunday 2 June

Location: Door Open Space (NDSM, Amsterdam North)

Opening: Thursday 30 May | 17:30 - 20:00 (exhibition open until 22:30)
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What are the boundaries between bodies and the outside world? Are these hard separated entities as we in the West see ourselves, or are they in reality much more porous and interconnected with the outside world? What ecological systems weave together bodies, both human and non-human, and what technological developments create divisions between inside and outside, the comprehensible and ungraspable?

The exhibition Outer/Body - open for one long weekend at Door Open Space - presents seven artworks by multidisciplinary artists who give their own perspective on a wide range of questions related to the interaction between bodies and their environment. Operating between art, media, science and software development, the artists reflect on social, ecological and technological themes by creating sensory compositions.

Visitors are invited to understand their environment in alternative ways, through the unconventional use of medical equipment to get a different sense of inner and outer bodily dimensions. Discover how technological innovations interact with human perception and augment senses, while at the same time using technology to determine which bodies are excluded and which are not. Learn how the hard boundaries between inside and outside do not hold up in an ecological reality.

Artists and artworks

Niranthea (2023), Marco Donnarumma

OUR VALUES (2019), Dani Ploeger

PetrifiCāre (2024), Hedwich Rooks

Phantom Limb (2023), Amos Peled 

POLYNODE VII (2024), Lumus Instruments

The NeuroRight Arcades (2022), Roel Heremans

The Sentinel Self (2022 - now), Sissel Marie Tonn

The exhibition is curated by Jarl Schulp.

About the works

Niranthea (2023) by Marco Donnarumma is a hybrid short film and sound work, which combines documentary, audiovisual synaesthesia, and AI hearing algorithms to address notions of deafhood, prosthesis and cyborg.

With OUR VALUES (2019), Dani Ploeger shows the contradictions between the universal and ethical presentation of border technology and its actual violent deployment against bodies.

Hedwich Rooks' PetrifiCāre (2024) stems from a fascination with the supernatural and embodied power of coal, and how our contemporary lives and medical technologies are intertwined with it. 

Phantom Limb (2023) by Amos Peled investigates the enigmatic and poetic relationship between a human being and the black box that is their interior, through the use of a medical ultrasound machine.

POLYNODE VII (2024) by Lumus Instruments makes digital infrastructures experienceable and plays with how we interact with the behaviour they exhibit.

The NeuroRight Arcades (2022) by Roel Heremans, an interactive installation, introduces the visitor to NeuroRights and helps to understand how intrinsically important they are.

The Sentinel Self (2022 - now) by Sissel Marie Tonn is an interactive artwork, built with a game engine, that reflects on the relationship between human immune systems and environments increasingly polluted by microplastics. 

The exhibition can be visited without festival tickets. Exhibition tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the exhibition. Those with an Amsterdam Stadspas get free entry. Visitors who would like to enter, but cannot afford it, can ask for a special reduction.

FIBER Festival 2024

Outer/Body is the festival exhibition of Amsterdam's FIBER Festival, which takes place from 29 May to 2 June at various locations in Amsterdam. The ninth edition consists of 5 days of programming; from concerts, audiovisual performances, artist talks, panels and an immersive club night. The festival brings together an international line-up of artists, researchers and other visionaries. Full festival programme at

Some exhibition artists will participate in the festival context programme happening on multiple days throughout the festival.

Exhibition Partners & Funders

Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Creative Industry Fund NL, Mondriaan Fonds, Fonds 21, Cultuurfonds, Door Open Space, Popkraft.

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