FIBER festival, Saturday March 24, 2012 – Sharing Signals

Audiovisual network festival FIBER shares knowledge, art, visuals, music & interaction

Audiovisual network festival FIBER is preparing to once again merge different worlds into one unified interdisciplinary experience of (visual) art and music on March 24th 2012 at ‘De Verdieping’, TrouwAmsterdam. Confirmed artists include: Morphosis, Klen, ESHU, Dubberdink, Mattikk, Konstruktive, Nota Bene and Urkelle. For tickets and more information on the EXPO, DAY and NIGHT programmes please visit

The festival invites young talent, established artists and curious visitors to meet, showcase and share their views, expertise, enthusiasm and experience. The programme - one day and one night - reflects a sincere passion for deep electronic sounds, innovative visuals and the power of network environments, connections established by fiberglass. Besides the immersive relation between image and sound, the addictive power of new media technology enhances the festival experience as a whole.

Same as last year, the festival is divided into three parts; EXPO, DAY and NIGHT. EXPO is the continuous exhibition with installations and performance elements. The DAY programme features installations, lectures/presentations, and performances. NIGHT is the club night with integrated visual performances and electronic music brought by DJ’s and live acts.

The DAY programme consists of a series of live performances by upcoming artists like Urkelle (contollerism / live music set), Bardo Frings (live cinema), Mariska de Groot (light av-performance) and Berlin-based Kyson (live music set) and DJ sets by DJ Jorg.
Next to this, there will be short showcases of data projects by Show Me The Data, Driply, Lifelog and 1€perminutedesign. Cornelis Serveert will present their edible light installation, consisting out of 800 pieces of cake! Also during DAY there are a workshop programme (openFrameworks, Max/MSP/Jitter and Video Mapping) and a central lecture/artist talk by Zesbaans and Josué Ibáñez.

This years’ EXPO connects with the festival theme 'Sharing Signals' and presents a series of works based on the sharing or translating of diverse analogue and digital signals. Enjoy YEARS, a record-player that plays slices of wood instead of vinyl, listen to ‘_in:still Life’ , which translates drops of water into sound, capture images from around the festival with ‘Elapse’ by Arne Boon and sit-back to watch a continuous video gallery co-curated by Mexican interaction designer Josué Ibáñez.

Other acts to be seen at the EXPO are:
'Smoke Pong' by Lieven van Velthoven (interactive game/installation)
'In Order to Control' by Nota Bene visual (Istanbul) (interactive typographic installation)
'Buchstabengetwitter' by Letters Are My Friends (generative typography project)
'Innovates' by Konstruktive (video mapping installation)
'The Form of Sorting Algorithms' by Onformative (experimental artwork / software)
'Form Follows Music' (graphic design, visualisation)
'Ambisonic Flightcase' by Jeffrey van Oers (installation)
'Interrupt' by Erik Overmeire (interactive installation)
'Cube Bender' by Krista van der Wilk (space specific video projection)

The NIGHT programme will kick off with a live AV performance by V4W.ENKO, followed by a music line-up with a mix of established artists and fresh talents: Lebanese Morphosis (Morphine Records), Rotterdam based Frustrated Funk figure Klen and the upcoming collective ESHU from Nijmegen, next to Dubberdink (FIBER) and Mattikk (Nachtwerk, Amsterdam). Visuals will be provided by FIBER’s resident visual collective DEFRAME, who will team up with WERC for this occasion.

New to the festival is the Databooth; an ongoing experiment which tries to capture different types of signals, visualises them, and makes them available in packages for everyone to use. It enables the audience - present and remote - to participate and translate themselves into an artistically present entity.
Featured in our Databooth programme are Hoofdbeelden (interactive platform for data visualisation), "The..."  (interactive installation) and Stiktu (augmented reality software). We have teamed up with Databending to collect, distribute and visualise the signals that are generated and used across the festival. Next to the Databooth, FIBER’s new online platform extends FIBER into the digital domain.

Festival theme
The second edition of FIBER Festival carries the theme “Sharing Signals; enacting the in-between”, an open approach of the sharing of knowledge and creating collaboratively. With this approach, different disciplines collide, borders between audience and artists fade, ideas develop and new perspectives and experiences emerge. On this basis FIBER hopes to create new views, establish new connections and develop new grounds for future projects.

Tickets, more information and updates on the festival and line-up are available at our festival website

Ticket prices (excl. handling fees) are:
€ 7 for DAY (EXPO + DAY / 14:00 - 20:00)
€ 15 for NIGHT (EXPO + clubnight / 21:00 - 05:00)
€ 20 for FULL ( EXPO + DAY + NIGHT / 14:00 - 05:00)

NIGHT and FULL tickets also give entrance to the upstairs programme at TrouwAmsterdam, hosted by ‘Imprint’

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Overview confirmed acts and artists

Cube Bender - Krista van der Wilk -
Buchstabengewitter (lettershape projection) by Letters Are My Friends -
Smoke Pong (interactive game) – Lieven van Velthoven
_in:still Life (biotechnological installation) – Thijs Ham & Pinar Temiz
In Order to Control (video mapping & kinect installation) – Nota Bene
Innovates (mapping installation) – by Konstruktive –
Interactive installation by Hotpixel –
Elapse 2.0 (interactive mobile installation) – Arne Boon –
Interrupt (interactive installation) – Erik Overmeire –
Ambisonic Flightcase – Jeffrey van Oers
The Form of Sorting Algorithms – onformative
YEARS - by Bartholomäus Traubeck -
Form Follows Music -

Kyson (live music performance) –
'Passiflora - Les Fleurs de l'Électricité' by Bardo Frings (audiovisual performance)
Cornelis serveert (edible lighting installation) -
€perminutedesign (3D printing on demand) –
Show Me The Data – (data visualisation showcase) – UvA & maHKU
Tiago Morgado (audiovisual electroacoustic music set) -
Urkelle (live music performance) –
Driply (Lifelog methodology showcase)
Mariska de Groot - (audiovisual performance) –
DJ Jorg (DJ / producer) –
Zesbaans (multimedia collective) –
Josué Ibáñez (interactive designer & educator) –
Workshop openFrameworks by Josué Ibáñez -
Workshop Max/MSP/Jitter by V4W.ENKO -
Workshop Video Mapping by Resolume -

V4W.ENKO (live AV performance) -
Morphosis [Morphine Records] -
Klen [Frustrated Funk] (DJ set) -
ESHU (DJ set) -
Dubberdink [FIBER] (DJ set) -
Mattikk [Nachtwerk, Amsterdam] (DJ set) -
DEFRAME (live visuals) -
WERC (live visuals) -
Lieven van Velthoven -

Hoofdbeelden - data platform -
"The..."  - interactive installation -
Databending - data platform -
Stiktu - AR application -


FIBER is an Amsterdam based interdisciplinary organisation, that presents new developments in audiovisual art, digital culture and the experimental and deeper corners of electronic music. The team works year round with a vibrant network of artists, designers, researchers and developers, who aspire to introduce mind bending experiences to a broad audience. Special attention goes out to the support of up and coming talents across numerous creative disciplines.

Next to small-scale events and exhibitions, the team organises the recurring FIBER Festival in Amsterdam, which brings together a diverse crowd of new talent, established artists and curious visitors. FIBER aims to explore hybrid forms of art, the power of media- and network technology, and encourages an exchange of views between the makers and their audience.

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